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12 miles of footpaths criss cross our parish. Add to this the canal towpath and the disused railway line and you have plenty of paths to explore.

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Our Footpaths
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The Grand Union Canal meanders though our parish offering a slower pace than the normal hustle and bustle of life elsewhere.

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The Canal
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Walkers, with and without dogs, cyclists and riders on horseback can frequently be found making the most of the disused railway line.

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The Railway Line
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See what our small band of volunteers have been up to recently and how we improve the footpaths in the village for your enjoyment.

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Maintenance Work

What's New...

A Recent Walk


On Saturday 7th April 2019, 12 walkers took part in the walk to explore the ancient wood at Cubbington along with the 250 year old famous pear tree - which may be destroyed when work starts on the construction of HS2. Rosemary a local resident gave a guided talk. We saw several 7 petal Wood Aaneomes and bluebella are beginning to show.

Our Next Walk

  • The next walk will be at 11am on Sunday 8th September, 2019. Please meet at the pond.
  • Local Wildlife Warden, John Claydon will lead the walk.
  • Further information when known.

For further information telephone 01926 815119 / email longitchingtonpaths@gmail.com

Recent Walks

New Year's Day Walk gets BIGGER!

Selective Photo of Snowman Plush Toys

Over 75 walkers took part in our now well-established walks on 1st January.
Thanks to Mark and Sharon at the Green Man for catering for this number.

Tuesday 25th September 2018 - Harvest Moon Walk

24 walkers turned out for this particular walk which lasted for 75 minutes.
We walked from the pond up Bascote Road and turned right into the horse field then turned left upto and across the disused railway line and parallel to Bascote Road.
We then walked along the canal back to the A423 bridge and then turned left back to Thorn Way and the Green.

Saturday 12th August 2017 - Perseid's Meteor walk

13 walkers took part in the Perseid Meteor Walk.
The sky was not as clear as the weather forecasters had predicted...
That said we all saw at least 3 meteors, some satellites and the rings round Saturn.
It was too cloudy to see the Andromeda Galaxy.

Harvest Moon Walk

18 walkers of all ages took part in this Harvest Moon Walk. We were fortunate to see the Harvest Moon at the start of the walk, but it quickly disappeared behind the clouds, but at least it didn't rain. The moon put in another appearance and the skies were clear at around 10pm, an hour after the walk finished.

Spring Walk

18 walkers took part in this 5 mile walk which took in footpaths SM2, SM3 and SM4, plus stretches of the Grand Union canal. Walkers headed out to Bascote and back to the village via Pudding Bag Lane and Whitehall Farm. The weather was kind to us and the walk seemed to be well received.

Work has been done by installing a number of non slip treads on some footpath bridges.

Footpath volunteers turn out to clear fallen down tree on SM2 by the cemetery

Thanks to Andy Jack, Brian Smith and Geoff Round who cleared the fallen tree (pictured below right).

45 walkers turn out for New Years Day Walks

There was a good turn out as 45 walkers turn out for the annual New Years Day Walk.
There were 3 choices of distance the longest being one to Ufton and back, which was around 7 miles.

Wednesday 16th December

5 footpath volunteers halped to put down more bark chippings at two of the kissing gates on SM3 between Thorn Way and the Two Boats.

Some Circular Walks...


History Walk

This walk provides an insight to the history of our village highlighting some of the areas of interest. The numbers in red refer to the numbers on the map and show places of interest.



Green Man 1

This circular walk from the Green Man PH is just under 1 mile long and is nice and flat.
There are 4 kissing gates and no stiles on this walk. You may encounter sheep and horses on this walk.



Green Man 2

This circular walk from the Green Man PH is just over 1 1/4 miles long. There are no stiles and no kissing gates. There are 2 small inclines and one downhill section on a minor road with no footpath.



Green Man 3

Another walk from the Green Man PH of just over 2 1/4 miles. This walk takes in footpaths, fields, a wooded section, plus the railway line and a section of roadway with no footpath.



Green Man 4

The fourth walk from the Green Man PH is just under 4 miles long. It takes in footpaths, roads, fields, plus a long stretch of the Grand Union Canal towpath, before returning acoss fields to the pub.



Duck Pond 1

This circular walk from the Duck on the Pond PH is some 2 1/4 miles long.
It consists mailnly of fields, with one short wooded section and finishes with a 300 yard footpath section alongside the A423.



Two Boats 1

A circular walk takeing in the Holy Trinity Church, Manor House and village pond is just under 1 1/2 miles long and is across fields, alleyways, footpaths and two short sections of canal towpath.



Mountain Bike 1

A 10 mile mountain bike ride (or walk) taking in a substantial amount of the disused railway line, the canal and minor roads between Long Itchington and Birdingbury. Bring your own refreshments.



Treasure 1

Be a detective for a day and explore our village, solving the 50 clues along the way and learning about some of our residents. It will take you around 75 minutes to complete.



Treasure 2

A longer Treasure Hunt of some 2 hours duration. Why not challenge your friends or family members to walk our village and seek out the answers to the clues. Will you be the top detective?

Coming Soon...


Geo Cache 1

Treasure Hunting in Long Itchington using modern day devices such as your mobile phone or iphone. This walk should take you around 90 minutes. Why not take photos and upload the images to us?

Coming Soon...


Geo Cache 2

A second longer Treasure Hunt for those who have the up to date technology. This will take you around 2 hours to complete.
Have you the necessary orientation skills to complete this task?

Coming Soon...


We'd really like to hear from you!

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