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Near the Top of Stockon Flight
Descending the Stockton Flight
Even Further Down Stockton Flight
About Halfway Down
Opposite the Blue Lias PH
The Start of Stockton Flight on the Way Up
Some Others Enjoying the Day
Top Flight

The Grand Union Canal

The Canal

The Grand Union Canal is Britain’s longest, the trunk route of the canals, linking London to Birmingham passing through rolling countryside, industrial towns and peaceful villages.

Canals and rivers offer accessible walking routes at all times of year. Aside from lock flights, your path is level and there’s little chance of getting lost! The unfolding scenery of a canal-side stroll also takes some beating. Where else could you find such a mix of wildlife, architecture, countryside and of course, the thing that brings it all to life, narrowboats.

Walking is one of the nicest ways to explore our beautiful canals and rivers. Whether you fancy a 10 minute stroll or a vigorous all-day hike, by walking along the towpaths you’re guaranteed a traffic-free route and relaxing views of the water.

Walking is one of the most natural and effective forms of exercise. Take a look at the range of benefits you can enjoy from taking a walk along your local canal or river.

Not only does it put you in touch with the waterways and the natural environment, walking is suitable for people of all ages and is an activity which all the family can enjoy together. More importantly, walking makes you feel good.

Walking is good for you because:

  • It improves your health (especially your heart, lungs, muscles and joints)
  • It helps you to get fit and stay fit
  • It works off calories and helps you to control your weight;
  • Last but not least, it's free!

Experts now say that walking for 30 minutes a day is enough to improve fitness levels. That may seem a lot, but walking can easily be accommodated into your every day routine and your 30 minute goal can be broken down into three easily managed ten minute bouts.