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The Duck on the Pond
Brakeley Lane
Entrance to the Second Field
Debdale Spinney in the Distance
Through the gap in the Hedgerow
Enter Debdale Spinney here
The Stile - 1 mile to go
Sheep Grazing

This Circular Walk from the Duck on the Pond PH is 2 1/4 miles

Leave the Duck on the Pond by the front door and turn right onto the pavement. In about 30 yards turn right into Brakeley Lane. Walk straight up the lane and enter the field via the 5 bar metal gate.

Follow the well defined track until in the second field the track forks. Follow the track left and follow the hedgerow on your left. You will see Debdale Wood in front of you and that is the direction you should be heading. At the end of that field go through the gap in the hedge and turn right and then follow the hedgerow on your right round to the left. At the end of the field again pass through the hole in the hedge and go left and then immediately right and follow the hedge on the left.

Soon you will reach the start of the wood on the left when you do, go left onto a track down through the wood. Follow this to a field. Go diagonally right and then go round the clump of trees on your left and pick up the hedge on your left. Just before the end of the hedge go over a stile into the field on your left. This stile marks the point of 1 mile to go.

At the end of the fifth field, you will encounter two sets of metal gates and a newly built stable block. Go through the first gate, turn right over the ditch and immediately left. Cross a small stile and a wooden bridge and follow the path at the back of Marton Road Farm. Keep heading in the same direction until you leave their property and meet the main A423.

Turn left onto the pavement and you will find the Duck on the Pond on the left in 300 yards.