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Treasure Hunt 1

This Treasure Hunt starts and finishes at the village pond. You make your way along Church Road to the junction with Stonebridge Lane and return the same way to the pond. On your return after passing the Co-op you take a detour anticlockwise around the outside of the Holy Trinity Church and then go inside to solve some more clues. Return to the footpath by the gate you entered and complete your hunt back to the pond.

The Clues:

  1. What bird can you find on the fence at the pond?
  2. How far from Bascote to Offchurch?
  3. How much did Elaine Hunt win in March 2015?
  4. Who's Barn?
  5. What birds can be found at 3, Russell Terrace?
  6. How many pairs of scissors at Snips?
  7. Lemons or Limes?
  8. In what year was the Country Store built?
  9. How many musical instruments at Bizzy Tots?
  10. The year the White House in Bascote Road was built?
  11. What time does the first bus leave the Green Man?
  12. What farmyard birds are kept at the back of the Green Man?
  13. A penny for them?
  14. How many spokes in a cartwheel?
  15. Mr Wood's first name?
  16. Dr JJ Who?
  17. A substantial property not dissimilar to Stream-Meadow Manor?
  18. Closer to home - definitely not!
  19. How far to Offchurch and back by a different road?
  20. Not a long road?
  21. What colour front door at Harold Cottage?
  22. What time is 'happy hour' at the chapel?
  23. What church award does the chapel have?
  24. How many stone pillars surround this car park?
  25. Three Houses between Cornwall and Somerset?
  26. Star sign that follows Capricorn?
  27. A very comfortable abode?
  28. Does the President of the United States live here?
  29. What two tradesman worked from here?
  30. A suitable remedy for a cottage in this village?
  31. On the noticeboard, what sport does Anna Grinonneau promote?
  32. How old was Roy Tankard when he died?
  33. Were Mabel and Reginaold more than a double act?
  34. Three Easter bunnies and what other animal?
  35. The words surrounding the lions head?
  36. The name of the youth club leader born in 1944?
  37. Surname of the family from Ryton who were the first visitors to the church in 2000?
  38. The name of the canal boat to be found in the church?
  39. Which primary colour is on the Odingsel's family coat of arms?
  40. St Wulfstan was Bishop where?
  41. When was St Wulfstan born?
  42. Local builder Thomas Page shares a window with which saint?
  43. This house is free?
  44. When was Russell Terrace built?
  45. How many cygnets on the pond in 2004?